Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Kids + TV debate

I just read a really interesting article about how much TV our kids are watching and alternatives to the digital babysitter.

I must admit, there are times when I've had work to do or a client phone call and sat G in front of the TV to watch one of the several shows that are on our Foxtel IQ. This is something I said I'd NEVER do before I became a mum. We've got a lot of them, right!

But lately I've become more aware of the unnecessary noise and distraction that having the TV on can cause. So we've been TV-free during the day and instead have been listening to music. It's amazing how different the energy in the house is for both of us. Gabe is actually much more content and settled without it on and I find that I'm much more productive and creative when I sit down to work when he goes for his afternoon nap. Lunchtime is much more enjoyable and much more of Gabe's food makes it to him mouth as opposed to the floor!

Heading into the colder weather here in Melbourne and with Gabe turing 2 in June, I know I'm going to have to get creative with our activities. I don't want to schedule our entire day though. I'm a believer in allowing kids to learn to play on their own in an unstructured way. It allows them to be creative and find their own fun and create their own games. Surely this is what we want for our kids? To be independent, creative, imaginative and find their own interests.

Does anyone have set TV rules in their house? What activities do you do with your little ones?

V xx


  1. Vari, My little boy is 5 now and my daughter is 2. We do restrict the tv to the weekends . My son is more into TV than our daughter. So we do have to set the limits .
    Now that they are both at an age where I can do activities together with them, it is a lot easier. We do lots of art related activities - coloring, painting, clay modelling etc. I try and organize as many playdates.
    Go with the flow is my motto - one moment they are crazy about doing all of the above, other times, they are happy just to play :) I plan to enjoy these years to the fullest :)
    Good luck to you Vari :)

  2. I know what you mean - having the TV on just turns my kids in to zombies, they really don't need it. The odd half hour gives them a 'chill out time', but that's all. Play doh is always great, and of course, the old cliche - a big card board box - fires up the imagination no end!!!

  3. I must admit we are a TV on kind of family and so far my son has not shown that much interest - except for playschool and Hi five. I know i am going to have to limit when it is on as he gets older though - should probably start thinking about that one now!

  4. Hello! The only time Cam really gets to watch tv is in tge morning when we are getting ready. She likes to shower with me so when we are done I wrap her up in her towel, toss her on the bed, and let her watch while I get ready. Usually it's only enough time to watch either Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Handy Manny. She'll watch sports with us at night if a games on but she usually ends up in her play room making us all "snacks" in her kitchen! There has been times that she's asked to watch something and it depends on what we're doing or how much she's watched of we will let her put it on. She's into Disney movies lately but that's usually only on the weekends that we have time to watch them. Music sounds like a great alternative though! We have a cd in my car that we listen to every morning singing the songs - wheels on the bus, etc - but maybe we will bring it inside! xx P