Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big changes REVEALED!

As many of you will know, I've been very busy with a secret project lately. Well, now I can share it with you all!

Back when I started my little stationery business, my main focus was on custom wedding and event stationery. I've found that over the last 2 years, the business has grown in so many ways that I've decided it's time for a fresh start!

I've been doing a lot of work with small boutique business and events on more corporate design work and also have the more generic stationery that is in my Etsy shop and wanted to reflect this online.

After a lot of research and talking over with friends and family, I've decided to leave Vari Longmuir Design behind and relaunch Buttercup Ink as a boutique design and stationery studio! The new site will showcase all design work - wedding and event stationery, corporate branding and design as well as hosting my new shop.

Working across the VLD website, Buttercup Ink Etsy shop and Buttercup Ink blog whilst using my VLD email address has become all a bit disjoined and confusing for clients and customers.

So... lunching on 4th April is the new shiny Buttercup Ink website and shop!

The new shop will showcase my new collection of art prints, notepads and cards. The aesthetic is clean and modern with the focus on beautiful typography.

I will still run my Etsy shop initially and will make a call on whether or not to continue a little later. I've had so many lovely customers via Etsy and I love the community there but I'm keen to move away from the more crafty business that make up the majority of Etsy shops and focus more on the modern design of my products. To sell on Etsy effectively, you really have to immerse yourself in the online community and with work in other areas (corporate and custom event stationery) I just don't have the time or energy to spend.

One of my major goals for this year is to secure more wholesale orders. A more condensed collection and removing the personalised items will allow me to focus on this area.

So the next few weeks are looking very busy as I 'stock' the shop and add the remaining content to the website.

Look forward to seeing you at the launch!

V xx


  1. Sounds exciting Vari. Good Luck with your new project. I'm pretty sure you'll do really well - you are so organised and focussed :-)

  2. I have just discovered you.... your stationery is lovely, good luck launching your new business!

  3. that is pretty awesome , Vari. Looking forward to seeing the big change.