Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Helen and Ben - a wedding

I've been meaning to post this for the last few weeks but time has been hard to come by!

This is a recent wedding suite that I created for Helen and Ben. They are getting married in the beautiful English countryside in July. The main colour of their event in 'Cadbury' purple so we toned this with soft rose and ivory for that classic feel.

You can read more about it and see all the pics on my new website here.

V xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beautiful WORDS for the long weekend

image via {pinterest}

I came across this a few weeks back on Amanda from Calico & Co's personal blog. It's just so beautiful I wanted to share it with you all.

Why not pick your favourite line and make it your Facebook status for the day.

Have a safe and happy long weekend.

V xx

someone is very proud of you
someone is thinking of you
someone cares about you
someone misses you
someone wants to talk to you
someone wants to be with you
someone hopes you aren’t in trouble
someone is thankful for the support you have provided
someone wants to hold your hand
someone hopes everything turns out all right
someone wants you to be happy
someone wants you to find them
someone is celebrating your successes
someone wants to give you a gift
someone thinks you ARE a gift
someone hopes you are not too cold, or too hot
someone wants to hug you
someone loves you
someone wants to lavish you with small gifts
someone admires your strength
someone is thinking of you and smiling
someone wants to be your shoulder to cry on
someone wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun
someone thinks the world of you
someone wants to protect you
someone would do anything for you
someone wants to be forgiven
someone is grateful for your forgiveness
someone wants to laugh with you about old times
someone remembers you and wishes you were there
someone needs to know that your love is unconditional
someone values your advice
someone wants to tell you how much they care
someone wants to stay up watching old movies with you
someone wants to share their dreams with you
someone wants to hold you in their arms
someone wants YOU to hold them in your arms
someone treasures your spirit
someone wishes they could STOP time because of you
someone can’t wait to see you
someone wishes that things didn’t have to change
someone loves you for who you are
someone loves the way you make them feel
someone wants to be with you
someone hears a song that reminds them of you
someone wants you to know they are there for you
someone is glad that you’re their friend
someone wants to be your friend
someone stayed up all night thinking about you
someone is alive because of you
someone is wishing that you would notice them
someone wants to get to know you better
someone believes that you are their soul mate
someone wants to be near you
someone misses your guidance and advice
someone values your guidance and advice
someone has faith in you
someone trusts you
someone needs you to send them this poem
someone needs your support
someone needs you to have faith in them
someone needs you to let them be your friend
someone will cry when they read this
someone will read this and know you are that someone

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter SALE @ Buttercup Ink

Easter means... lots of sweet delights!

To celebrate, my 'Hello Cupcake' print is NOW ON SALE for just $17!!!

Hurry on over and snap one up as this is limited to 10 PRINTS ONLY!

V xx

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm working on another amazing wedding invitation suite at the moment and wanted to share some of the initial inspiration with you all!

The colour scheme is navy, red and gold and the overall theme is traditional with a touch of Italian glamour and a vintage edge.

The colours just work so well together and the red really gives the WOW factor.

Stay tuned for the final product!

V xx

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The doors are now officially OPEN!

Well it's been a VERY busy last few weeks here at Buttercup Ink HQ but I'm very excited to be able to announce that the shiny new website and shop are now OPEN FOR BUSINESS! I love the new look for the site - thanks to my very talented and patient girlfriend, Ashleigh. You are awesome!!!

I'm really pleased with how the new collection has come together. It really reflects what I love about stationery - clean design with beautiful typography.

For all those in Melbourne, I'm taking the collection to the public this weekend and the fab Yarraville Markets. Can't wait to chat to everyone about the new designs.

So what do you think? I'd LOVE some feedback from all you style savvy readers!

V xx

Monday, April 4, 2011