Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some big changes ahead!

This last week has been very exciting as I've got some big changes on the horizon. Don't mean to be a tease but I'll fill you in soon enough! Amongst the changes are new products. Here's a sneak peek at just one of them...

Don't worry, Sydney - you're getting one too!

Art prints have always been my best seller online so I'm looking at expanding the range. Designs will all be focused around bold colours and beautiful typography. It's really exciting to see the collection come together!

I'm also starting production this week on a gorgeous wedding stationery suite. Lots of pics to come!

V xx


  1. Hey Vari Don't forget us other capital cities! Hobart is always left out. Pretty please! J x

  2. i love it! must get one for my wall

  3. What about Canberra? Everyone forgets about poor ole Canberra... and it's our Nation's capital...


    I love your stuff - it's wonderful!

  4. Vari what a lovely blog you have. Thanks for visiting mine and for the comment. I just love your prints, divine. I'd like to collect them all one day! Hope you're keeping cool in the big M, here it's hot again!! :))