Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fives... VOGUE covers

Today's five are some of my fav VOGUE covers - some recent, some not. And they are all hot mammas (or soon to be in the case of Penelope and Natalie!) Who is you favourite cover girl?

Happy Friday!

V xx

Cindy Crawford - French VOGUE - 1988
She is just so beautiful! Loving the full eyebrows.

Victoria Beckham - British VOGUE - 2011
It's so nice to see a softer, Victoria. This cover has the look of a knitting catalogue, don't you think!

Alessandra Ambrosio - Brazilian VOGUE - 2010
She's my favourite Victoria's Secret girl... and my husbands!

Natalie Portman - American VOGUE - 2011
This girl can do NO wrong! Talented, beautiful AND smart!

Penelope Cruz - Spanish VOGUE - 2010
I love the rawness of this image. She just oozes sex appeal.

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