Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sara and Simon - a wedding

My regular readers will know that I've been working on a big wedding stationery job recently.

Well here it is!!!

I'm so happy with the final outcome. Sara is a fantastic bride to work with! She came to me with an idea of what she wanted - bright rainbow colours with a modern feel - but was open to suggestion. She came across this AMAZING font in a design magazine but the actual font was not commercially available as it was designed specifically for an art gallery so I redrew the font for her.

With the font as the focal point of the design, I then had a play around and created their own personal mark with the two S's mirrored to form a stylised heart. This was then carried through to a bespoke pattern that was used in the envelope liner and RSVP.

The main invitation was letterpressed into beautiful, thick cotton stock
with the supporting items flat printed on heavy, smooth stock.

The RSVP postcard was printed double sided, creased and had double sided tape adhered for the recipient to fill out, fold, stick together to form a postcard and drop in the mail - easy!

The colour scheme and font flowed through each of the items. There were separate inserts for the intimate Friday dinner and Saturday lunch for the out-of-towners.

As personalisation is not possible with letterpress, I had a think and we decided on this personalised belly band to hold the item together. It also hids the SARA & SIMON graphic to give the recipient a pleasant surprise when they take it off.

The custom pattern envelope liner really gives the WOW factor - I LOVE IT!

The SS mark was continued onto the front of the envelope.

All tied and boxed and ready for delivery!

A few extras just in case...

As a little gift for Sara and Simon, I created a custom print in the style of their
stationery with their names and the date of their big day.

Ready for delivery!

V xx


  1. I love love love the design on the inside of the envelope, it looks so special and glamorous.

  2. Hi there, I just discovered your blog via My Sweet Prints. What lovely stationary! It really is very special, I bet Sara and Simon are pleased. Best wishes,

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies! And welcome to Buttercup Ink, Sarah!

    V xx

  4. Vari...Wowser!! These are truly amazing...if I were the bride of this wedding I would be jumping up and down right now out of sheer excitement and happiness to be sending these to my guests! You've done an amazing job...well done lovely x

  5. Oh wow Vari! They are simply divine, you are so so clever. Thanks for your comment on my post too appreciate it! Letitia xx

  6. these are awesome - I love that the heart 'S's and that they are themed through and so colourful. Gorgeous.

  7. absolutely stunning!

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