Monday, February 7, 2011

Detox - an experiment

My best friend has been here for the last 3 week on holiday and it's been great to catch up. We've been friends since we were 7 and our friendship has endured many miles! It's been so great to spend time with her and for her to have lots of quality time with Gabe as she is his guide-mother (non religious God Mother).

With many nights out (an in!) spent drinking lots of wine I've decided that I'm going cold turkey and doing a detox of sorts for a month starting tomorrow. It's kind of a little experiment so see how different I feel by only drinking water. No alcohol and no caffeine! It's going to be tough at first but I'm really interested to see what changes I experience. Life is pretty busy at the moment with family and lots of exciting work projects and I often find that I can't switch my brain off in the evening or lie awake at 3am with my mind in a whirl. I'm hoping that this will bring me some much needed clarity and focus.

V xx

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  1. Wow, a double whammy, alcohol AND caffeine! Good on you, you're braver than me - v. admirable - good luck! x