Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Act of Kindness - a lovely project

Amanda over at Calico and Co has set up a new blog called Creative Collective with a few other ladies and I love this new project they have for February.

Basically, it's to create 5 handmade postcards with a message of love, support, hope, inspiration and leave them in random places through out your town or city. The idea is to leave them as a surprise for someone else to find.

I love the idea of showing compassion to total strangers. Being a mum of a toddler, I know how lonely a time it can be, especially in the early days. There are times when you can feel pretty isolated and crave some adult conversation. So my focus area for my secret card drop will be my local community.

I remember being in my local coffee shop when Gabriel was only a few weeks old. My other half had gone back to work and my mum and dad were back in Scotland. Add to that sleep deprivation and breastfeeding issues and you can start to get a idea of where I was at! A girl stood next to me simply said, "How's it all going?" Not "Oh, he's just so cute, blah, blah, blah." It was just an honest and genuine concern as she had a 4 year old and could appreciate my situation. It's something that has always stuck with me and so hopefully I can have that same effect on a stranger with a little postcard and a little love.

V xx

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  1. What a lovely project...think we'll try it around Berkeley! Thanks for being a new reader of HapaLAB...we'll be checking back in with you here @ Buttercup Ink!