Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fives... fonts

Following on from yesterday's post, today's Friday five are fonts that I'm loving at the moment. Now, by no means are these my 'Top 5'. Such a thing would be impossible! It's like asking me my favourite colours! They change almost daily - although I do have a long term love affair with red!

So my 'fonts of the moment' are...

Work is done for the week! Had a great meeting at lunch with a couple I'm working with on their wedding stationery to finalise their design. They're just such a lovely client to work with. I'll share the photo's of the finished product shortly.

My parents are currenly en route from Dubai and are arriving in Melbourne at 2am! So think it's an early bed for me tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone!

V xx


  1. Oh I heart that last one in red, just gorgeous!

  2. Oh Vari, how do you create these? I am so curious. Is it a program you've bought? J x

  3. I agree, Cara - I love it too! I've collected A LOT of fonts over the last few years, Jane. They are just individual fonts that I have bought or 'inherited' but these types really do require graphic software to make them look pretty and add the flourishes, etc.