Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday Fives... home offices

I've been decluttering the house this last few weeks - including my office. I think it;s the 'goldfish syndrome' - no matter how much space and storage I have, I seem to quickly outgrow it! Here are 5 of my favourite home office spaces...

No space? No excuse!

Lots of shelving with lots of books! Love it!

I really like the industrial steel cabinets and high bench with stool. The beautiful cream chairs add a lovely softness.

The natural light pouring in from the window here make such a peaceful working environment.

On my wish list! I've always loved the idea of a little shed office out the back. My home office is right smack bang in the middle of the house and the 'ping' of the email is sometimes too tempting to ignore! I definitely think that being physically detached from the house (albeit by only a few meters!) would help with the work life balance.

This office shed belongs to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Martha Mendoza. You can read all about it here.

V xx


  1. My ideal is a short walk to work. When we lived in St Kilda i used to walk along the beach up Fitzroy st and into work opposite the park. That's the life.

  2. That does sound pretty fab, Clare!

  3. I really love that first image. My study is currently a cluttered, untidy mess so I think I need to take inspiration from these images and have a good tidy up over the weekend :)

  4. Hello, just found your blog via a comment you left on a friend's blog (Paper scissors rock). This is thought provoking blog- I checked out your made it shop, and I really liked your yoga challenge post - because sometimes we do set ourselves up to fail don't we? But now, well, I am so inspired to go clean my study out - it is serving as a storage space... Anyway, so nice to 'meet' you, have followed your blog - come visit me @ Jane:)