Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A little routine in my life...

I've always been someone who enjoys the unknown, the excitement of adventure. But what I've come to realise lately is that I actually function better and am happier with a little routine in my day. Having a baby doesn't allow for constant spontaneity! I'm not saying that we have every minute of our day planned - I tried Save Our Sleep and lasted less than 48 hrs! - but I've found that my little morning routine really sets me up mentally for the day ahead.

During this 30 days of yoga, I've been getting up before G wakes and on the mat for my daily practice. I find it's almost like a reset button for me. An anchor gently pulling me back and helping me focus on what is important for me and for the day ahead. As hard as it is to drag myself out of bed some mornings, I'd much rather get up when I decide as opposed to shocking my body and mind into the day and having to immediately attend to Gabriel.

V xx


  1. I love my quiet 'me' time in the mornings before everyone else is awake. I never used to be a morning person but now, I much prefer starting my day this way.

  2. I agree totally. A lil me time in the morning sets me up for anything. I love a workout before the kids wake up or better yet- a hot cuppa Java ALL by myself is a little slice of heaven :)