Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Fives... short hair styles

As many of you will know, there is an ongoing saga with my hair! I've got an appointment with my lovely Kelly (who now has complete ownership of my hair!) tomorrow.

What to do...

It's getting pretty short now so my options are slightly limited. These are 5 of the short styles I'm loving at the moment.

Shannon Sossamon - Love the funky, texutred look.

Natalie Portman - ok, so this is a wee bit extreme but man does she look hot with a bald head!

Agyness Deyn - I just love her look. She's so versatile. This is a more 'sun kissed' look than we're used to seeing but I think it really suits her.

Emma Watson - Hermione has most definitely grown up! A timeless look.

Rhianna - I'm not usually a massive fan but really like her style here. I often think that she should take about 27 accessories off and wear half the make up! But this shows just how naturally beautiful she is.

I'll let you know on Monday what happens!

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

V xx


  1. I think my favourite hairstyle would have to be Rhianna's - such a gorgeous cut - although the first is lovely too. Have sun at the hairdresser and enjoy your weekend x

  2. Rihanna's style definitely rocks ! Waiting to see what your style turns out to be :)