Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Should your business be on Pinterest?

This is a GREAT infographic to help you decided if Pinterest is right as a means of promoting your business. Personally, for Buttercup Ink, it's sending TONS of traffic to my blog, website and shop. And as a visual person, it just works for me.

I know many small businesses owners, especially those of you are the everybody to the company (designer, marketing exec, accountant, sales exec, IT support, business development manager...) are reluctant to take on the responsibility of MORE social media.

I'm not on Twitter and instead choose to focus my social media communications to my blog and Facebook. But what Pinterest does is it instantly gives my brand personality. By combining business boards together with my own personal style, travel and home decor boards, it lets people know the person behind the brand - something that is so important to me.


  1. Very interesting Vari! I should do more on there. x

  2. A wise business owner would most probably put his business on Pinterest, it being one of the hottest social networking sites today. It would actually be a great advantage to be one of the pioneer businesses. Too much of one thing (advertisements) can get people weary and uninterested. Personally, I can see so much potential in Pinterest that it would be very strategic to utilize it earlier.