Friday, March 2, 2012

The Karma Project : Week 1 : complete

This week saw a MASSIVE wardrobe clear out for the whole family. And can I tell you, it feels sooooo good! As I was going though my seemingly endless clothes, I was reacquainted with a few old favourites! I stayed focused though and only kept a few things I'd forgotten about. 

On Sunday night, as all the plastic bags were by the front door to be loaded into the car and dropped off at the op shop, I went out to the mail box to find a pink bag stuffed in there with a little flyer saying that there was to be a clothing collection on Wednesday! PERFECT! Thank you, Universe!

My item of choice for week 1 of The Karma Project was this little black polka dot dress. 

I have lots of great memories in this dress - from celebrating friends weddings to big days at the races...

To add a little more fun and good-feeling, I wrote a note from the dress herself (I called her Stella!) and pinned it to the lining. It fills me with such excitement and joy to think that someone will get to read this!

If you participated this week, I'd LOVE to hear how it went and what item you parted with!

Week 2 project coming shortly...

V xx

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