Friday, March 9, 2012

The Karma Project : week 2 : complete

What a great week! My little men and I had SUCH a fun time sneaking around delivering our postcards in the neighbourhood! We left them on peoples windscreens, in letterboxes and on cafe tables! It really is the most amazing way to start the day. And can I tell you, my day just got better and better.

It was just beautiful to see Gabriel fully immersed in our little project. He was so excited!

Check out the pics from our secret karma mission! Apologies for the sub-standard photos but we were in stealth mode!

My little secret karma assistants!

Empty table outside the cafe...

Just bursting with excitement!

A random letterbox!

Laneway at child care.


Windscreen of a car at the child care car park!

Dropped into a letter box on our street.

Project for week 3 to come...

V xx

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