Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YOGA : for people who are too busy to do yoga

Many of you will know that I love yoga and try to practice everyday. Some days it's 60 mins, others just 10 minutes but I always find time in my day for it. Recently, I've found a new class in my local area that is perfect for me at this time. I find it challenges me physically but also allows me to calm my mind which is so important for me.

I took part Mariannes 30 Days of Yoga course last year and it was a great way to help me establish a good home practice that I could adapt to suit each day. She has recently launched some new online courses including 30 Days if Yoga : For People Who Are Too Busy To Practice Yoga. I love the concept! I know of so many friends who would like to try yoga and develop a regular practice but are just 'too busy'. This is a great way to introduce yoga and help them realise that they don't have time not to practice yoga!

Marianne is a truly inspiring person - find out more about her journey here...

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