Saturday, July 23, 2011

Short hair I LOVE right now!

A few months ago I had my hair cut to the shortest it's EVER been.

It was much needed after the 6 months of peroxide blonde! I really love the pixie cut but with hair that grows VERY quickly and an appointment at the hairdressers next week, I'm in two minds... Do I keep the 'pixie' or grow it slightly for a longer crop? Would LOVE your suggestions!

Here are some of my fav cuts at the moment.

V xx


  1. I love ur hair short, you so suit it! Also love the 2nd last pic, so if ur in winter right now, why not grow it slightly n then go bak to the really short pixie in the hotter weather? xx

  2. You can totally pull off the pixie look - i'm so jealous! But I also love the second last one too so I agree with AndreaO, do the longer for winter then pixie for summer.

  3. Hello Vari, your hairs great and your raised eyebrow equally so.

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