Friday, July 1, 2011

New Buttercup Ink printed collateral

With a few big wedding projects complete this week, I'm turning all my attention to my trade show prep (which is less than 5 weeks away - WOW!).

I've been so busy lately that I've not had the chance to work on the new Buttercup Ink printed collateral. So here it is!

I'm sending out pre show material to my most loved shops. After some research, I decided against the mass mail out and chose to focus on the shops that I have hand picked and think will be a perfect home for Buttercup Ink products. Each of these lovely retailers are getting a little stationery gift to help them plan for the show.

Also, as my full collection is available to view online, I'm not doing a printed catalogue but instead directing potential retailers to the online shop and giving them an order form.

I've chosen to have a generic postcard printed that I can handwrite a little note on to hand out with my business card if required. Also, this will come in really handy for me to include in online orders and wedding stationery suites.

The focus of Buttercup Ink stationery is to encourage people to put pen to paper in this overly digital age (she says as she taps away on her Mac!) so I really love the idea of giving people something that is handwritten - from one person to another.

V xx

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