Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old family photos

A while back I got my dad to send me some old family photos as I want to create a family history wall in our lounge. I haven't got around to actually displaying them as I've not found any frames I really like. I'm also waiting on my mum to send me the ones from her side of the family.

Living in Australia, we very much want Gabriel to have a strong connection with our home and his extended family and I think there's no better way than displaying them in our family area where we get to see them everyday. It's a pity that in this digital world we have all our photos on iPods and computers but forget to display them.

I've really enjoyed looking through them this morning and so wanted to share them with you...

Gran and Grandad McKechnie on their wedding day

My dad, his sister, mum and dad

My dad and Aunt Myra with their gran

My dad on his first day of school, 1954

My grandad. This photo has been in my parents living room for as long as I can remember.
I love it! He looks so strong and handsome.
My grandad, far left, with his 5 sisters and brother.

My beautiful mum and dad on their wedding day with my cousin, 1977.
My mum and dad on their wedding day with their families. My mums parents on the left and my dads dad and aunt on the right. My gran McKechnie passed away when my dad was young.

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