Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday again! Where has the week gone?

Can't believe it's Friday again! It's been a busy week in the Longmuir house. It didn't help that G was up all night on Wednesday - think it's the fault of another little jaggy tooth. But his daddy got up with him (thanks!) and they ended up on the couch watching the World Cup semi final at 5am! He's definitely his fathers son. Can't help but think they'd discussed this prior to bedtime! "Right daddy, I'll cry and make a fuss... Then you can look like husband/daddy of the year and let mummy sleep... Then we can take my blanket and watch the soccer in the living room!"

I added a few new products, here and here, to my Etsy and Madeit shops. I'm adding to my generic items to give me more stock to sell at the Business by Design Market in August. One of my lovely girlfriends is always suggesting new products to add to my collection. When I said I'm going to start paying her she said that she just keeps getting me to make the things she wants to buy! Keep the suggestions coming, C!

One of her brain-waves was bookmarks as she is currently using a gas bill. Bills are something I DO NOT want to see every time I go to bed and open my book! So rather than putting a little promo postcard in with my orders, I've started including a few bookmarks. A gentle little reminder of all the paper goodness available at Buttercup Ink and practical too!

I also completed a great rebranding project that I've been working on for a fab summer festival in Victoria. I'll share the finished result with you all next week!

Looking forward to a nice quiet weekend with my boys. Think we'll take a trip into the city on Sunday and check out the Melbourne Design Market at Fed Sq. Look at some of the beautiful images from previous markets! Love the Alice in Wonerland'esque tea cup lamps!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. How is it that some weeks go so fast blink and you'd miss them while other weeks go so slowly you would swear you can feel every minute?!!!! Can you tell we have had one of those slllooowww weeks?! I think we need to shake things up a little next week.

  2. Vari, have you tried Tyabb on the Mornington for antiques? There is a Tyabb Packing House Antiques Centre which is full of lots of different dealers selling a very wide range of weird and wonderful pieces. Well worth a look if you fancy venturing that far?!

  3. Thanks Emma! I've also heard that The Mill Markets in Geelong are great - I took a trip to the Salvos in Collingwood at the weekend and got one of my vintage suitcases. They had sooooo much great stuff!

    V xx

  4. one of the recent email/newsletters from Etsy also featured a lot of vintage suitcases - I am seeing them all over the place now since reading your blog! I don't even need any!! ;-)

  5. Yeah, I got that email. Problem is the majority of sellers are based in the US and would cost just as much to send it here as it would to buy it! It's not a case of NEEDING them, but wanting them! I saw a full set of 11th edition encyclopedia britannica at the Salvo's in Collingwood... oh how I WANT them!