Friday, July 16, 2010

Getting organised

I think it's the case with many creatives but record keeping and general finance stuff is NOT one of my strengths! I just never seem to be able to keep everything in order! When it comes to an Excel spreadsheet or designing a new product I know which one I'm going to choose! So with the start of the new financial year I've decided to get organised.

One of my main issues was how to tackle receiving payments in different currencies with all my Etsy payments in US $. I've also want to keep seperate records for Etsy, Madeit, wholesale/craft fairs and also Vari Longmuir Design for wedding stationery projects, corporate branding, etc. to see exactly where my profit is coming from each month. I've now got a MEGA spreadsheet with tabs for each area of business and then a summary tab so I should (fingers crossed!) be sorted. I just need to remember and actually fill them in at the end of the month! With PayPal and Etsy, I can download my transactions for the month which is great and saves me time but Madeit doesn't yet have that feature which leaves more room for my personal error!

In the mission to get to super organised, I've created some items to help - seems a much easier task when you have pretty stationery! My To Do List, Babysitter Notes, Weekly Planner and Outfit Planner are now available on Etsy and Madeit as downloadable pdfs. All hard copy notepads will be available in the coming week.

So now we can all get our homes in check - no excuses!

Happy Friday!

V xx

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