Thursday, September 9, 2010

More reality TV! Four Weddings

I really don't need to get into ANOTHER reality TV show but I just couldn't resist watching the first episode of Four Weddings last night after having watched the UK version! I'll admit, I was shouting out loud at the TV! Some people are just plain rude! I guess the claws come out when there's a honeymoon up for grabs.

My favourite was Allanah - far right in the pic above. I thought she looked beautiful and I loved the styling of her whole day. Their first dance was a tad OTT for me but I think I'm just jealous that I can't tango like that!

I could never do a show like that. I'd have hated to hear people be so negative about my big day!

As frustrating as it is to watch, I just know I'll be tuning in again next Wednesday!

V xx

1 comment:

  1. Has it been so long since the Wedding(s)?
    Time flies when your having fun eh?
    But no, not when watching reality tv... is there no good aussie dramas, sci-fi or comedy?