Friday, June 11, 2010

Perfect Date Night GIVEAWAY!

My husband and I had a fab baby-free night out on Wednesday and went to see Russell Brand. He's just so funny and I admit, I have a tiny bit of a crush! I used the babysitter notes that are on my Etsy shop to leave all our contact info. I got to thinking and decided that I would run a little giveaway/focus group to see if there was any information that I've missed that other mums out there would like to see included.

Here's how it will work... Leave a comment here (on my blog, not the Facebook link) telling me about where you and your partner would go on your perfect date night, leaving the kids with the babysitter. Next Friday at 3pm (Melbourne time) I will select three of the comments at random. These lucky people will receive a personalised pdf version of the babysitter notes. Then you MUST get the babysitter lined up, fill out your babysitter notes then have a fabulous and well deserved night out!

I'd appreciate any feedback as to what you might include or change about the notes.

Happy Friday!

V xx


  1. hmmmm perfect date night hmmmm it would be catching the train into Melbourne and going for a pre dinner wine at Riverside then a yummy long dinner at Movida followed by cocktails at a couple of those cool bars I hear talk of but never get to go to any more! The night would finish with jumping a clean and non smelly taxi right outside the bar without having to wait in a queue and having a driver who knows exactly how to get us home without nearly killing us on the way, all rounded off by crawling into bed and waking with no hangover after a full nights sleep. BLISS!!! Can you tell I am desperate for a good night out in Melbourne sans bebe?!

  2. Ooh gosh, my perfect date night would be to go to a lovely coastal town called Kalbarri that is about 1.5 hrs away, check into a lovely hotel with spa, duck off to lovely restuarant (that doesn't have high chairs), enjoy some champagne, some port, some music that isn't Bob the Builder theme music (and like Cara a solid SLEEP with no need to put dummy in at 4 am and then at 5 am and then at 6 am give up and get up!). So in a nutshell - ocean views, spa, drinkies, food. Heaven.

  3. It would have to be a few drinks, a meal in the city, a movie Gold Class then some more wine and dancing!


  4. My perfect date night would be for my husband and I to have a night together with the tv - no kids shows! - and take away. And no chance of 3 kids waking up. Followed by breakfast in bed - any time after 6am!

  5. hmmmm, tricky one, as really my truly ideal date night would need to involve the use of a special time travelling device inorder to get there and back in a decent amount of time inorder that I don't have to pay the babysitter a small fortune.

    Picture this ... crystal blue waters, the sun setting, fairy lights, beautiful gazebo along the lines of 'Sex in the City 2' ( but not in a desert please!), plenty of bubbles on ice, and tapas style array of food in front of us .... oh, and my husband of course!!

    .... and who said I'm difficult to please!?!

  6. I'd love to go back to the little restaurant in Mexico where my husband proposed! Can't believe it was almost 8 years ago now!