Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inspiring interiors - "It's Complicated" set design

I love holiday Mondays! Especially when you've got nothing to do and all day to do it!

When Gabriel went for his afternoon nap I sat down with a glass of wine to watch the Nancy Meyers movie, "It's Complicated". My husband had spent the morning watch the World Cup so it was only fair that I had control of the remote in the afternoon. He actually secretly loves a rom-com anyway!

What a great movie! There were so many things I loved about it. Meryl Streep is so sophisticated and graceful and just looks fantastic. I hate when people say, "She looks great for her age." Why can't we just say, "She looks great." We would never say, "George Clooney - he looks great for 49."

Meryl's character, Jane Adler has a beautiful life (if not a little complicated!). 3 well balanced kids that appear to actually like their mum, a successful business that she is passionate about and THE most amazing Santa Barbara home!!!

The set design is the work of Jon Hutman and Beth Rubino and is as much a character in the movie as Meryl herself. The mix of designer with antique creates such a warm and inviting space and makes you want to move in tomorrow! The bathroom is just magnificent - I love the roll top bath. The colour palette is soft and muted and love the apricot accents throughout. It's definitely a key colour of the Santa Barbara region with the terracotta tiled roofs as shown in the opening sequence. Her veggie garden is to die for too - I'm sure even Martha herself would be envious!

The only complaint that I have is you never get to see the new kitchen! Do I hear a sequel?

There's a great story here of a fellow Etsy seller that I just love! Congratulations, Anne!

Be inspired!

V xx

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  1. I too saw that film for the first time too this weekend - I think it was recommended by a mutal friend!?! Loved the film, just couldn't get past Steve Martin's immovable face!