Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Want a SUCCESSFUL business? Here's how to make it happen...

People often think, "I'll be happy when _______." (fill in the blank with money/house/holiday/car/etc.). But in actual fact, it works the other way. We first have to BE HAPPY in our current reality to receive into our lives all the other stuff we dream about and desire.

I believe the same theory is true for business. New business start-ups often think that they will be happy and proud of themselves when they are 'a success'. But is regarded as a success? Is it financial gain? Is it having your work published? Is it praise from your peers? Is it getting 10,000 Facebook fans?

I like to look on it as you are ALREADY a success. You have had the inspired idea. You have started to put plans in place to make it happen. You might even be ready to quit your day job to give all your energy to your new business! The courage to take the leap, regardless of how big or small, means your are SUCCESSFULLY creating your future! Stay in this positive place with your eye on the prize and you will get there!

V xx

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