Thursday, February 16, 2012

Noah's Naming Ceremony : the invitation

On Sunday, we officially celebrated the arrival and naming of our beautiful new baby boy. Neither Steven nor I are religious but we wanted to celebrate Noah's arrival with our friends. With my parents visiting at the moment, it was the perfect opportunity for them to be a part of the celebration and also meet some of our dearest friends. Being on the other side of the world from their only grandchildren can be tough, so it was lovely that they were able to be a part of Noah's big day.

There wasn't a 'theme' for the day as such, but I wanted to convey a tone of adventure, invention and excitement - all things that we wish for Noah - with the invitation. The end result was a vintage-style invitation, inspired by wonderful Jules Verne novel from 1873, Around the World in 80 days.

It also contained a quote from one of my favourite books, Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr Seuss. We had a friend read an extract from the book as part of the ceremony. It's such and inspiring piece of writing for both children and adults alike. Recommended reading for anyone feeling a little lost! 

It took us a while to write the script for the day, but with the help of our fantastic celebrant, Sally, we were delighted with the end result. I will share it in another post for anyone thinking of having a similar celebration. There wasn't much out there on the internet so hopefully that will offer some inspiration!

One of the most important elements of the day was the appointment of mentors for Noah. These are effectively non-religious Godparents that will be there for Noah to offer him guidance and support throughout his life. We were so honoured when our dear friends, Nicola and Steven accepted the responsibility. They are people who we love and respect and who's values and morals are very similar to ours. So we've not only increased our family by one, but by three. Soon to be four actually, as Nicola and Steven are about to welcome their own little person into the world in May! Thank you for being part of our family, guys!

My beautiful friend, Ash, took photos for us on the day which I will share shortly. Thanks, Ash - you are awesome!

V xx

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  1. Such a brilliant idea! Really enjoy the idea of getting everyone together to celebrate the new life without the religious aspect. Something Jason and I may need to consider with our newest addition coming shortly. I was thinking of doing an afternoon tea but this has much more meaning. I also like the "strictly no gifts" at the bottom as I was afraid ppl would still bring things even though we aren't looking nor do we need "shower" gifts as he's out second. Job well done lady!! Give both of your wee men a squeeze from their American family! Xx p