Friday, February 24, 2012

The Karma Project

I've been reading so many inspiring blogs and books recently all about positivity, karma and the law of attraction. Basically, it all about putting good out there into the Universe and you'll get good back.

Some of my favourites are...

In Spaces Between - my new daily must-read! Rach writes so beautifully and her posts always leave me feeling energised and pumped!

Tiny Buddha - I just got Lori's book a few weeks back and it's full to the brim with great advice and wisdom.

Positively Positive - thought-provoking articles on topics like work, relationships and parenting.

A Life of Perfect Days - Connie writes about how to make each and every day you best day possible. So empowering.

In a bid to de-clutter my online life, this week I've unsubscribed to lots of blogs and Facebook pages to allow me to focus on the ones that I feel are important to me right now. It's so cleansing and refreshing! I strongly recommend it!

With all this positivity and good-feeling, I've decided to start a little project...

The Karma Project will be posted every Friday afternoon, setting a project for the week. All the projects will be based around creating good feelings and being NICE! I'll then post on a Friday morning to tell you how the week went!

It would be AMAZING if you jumped on the 'Karma train' with me! Let's start spreading the love!

Week 1 project to be posted shortly...

V xx

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