Friday, September 9, 2011

BABY NAMES : suggestions please!

I'm having a bit of a tidy up in the studio this afternoon and now that my desk is lovely and organised, I just can seem to get to work. So I'm spending the next hour of so catching up on some blog reading and general inspiration (hours can be easily lost on Pinterest!)

I've found that recently I'm gravitating back to the 'baby blogs' and baby name websites. It only leaves me feeling more confused though! During this pregnancy, we've not really spoken about names as much as we did first time round. Although, we knew that Gabriel was going to be Gabriel even before we were pregnant - but I just love playing the name game!

We've got a few names picked out that we like for both a boy and girl (no, we're resisting temptation and not finding out!) but I would LOVE if any of you have some suggestions!

V xx


  1. Amber or Grace would go nicely with Gabriel if its a girl and how about Alexander or Noah for a boy

  2. I'm very keen on old fashioned family names lately. We have Dale, Julia, Pauline, Frederick and Lesley,(shortened would be Les, as in Les Paul the guitarist, not Lezzzzzzz the way they do it in oz. Les was my favorite uncle - he had a pinball machine in the basement and we loved visiting him), Harvey, and I've always liked Daniel. I'm not planning on any more so at this point we might have a cat named Les; but I suggest following a family line and see what that comes up with :)

  3. Oh it's too hard isn't it?! We couldn't decide on the boys names until they were born and they had been up in the air and Charlie was actually called Flynn for the first 1/2 hour of his life!

  4. Hello Vari L, I am new to your blog and i am a new follower. I agree tons of time can be lost on Pinterest. Check me out @ Lisa Mars. My babies names are Liam (Irish) and Layla(Mixed Race. I also loved Austin and Hanna. I can't wait to see pics of the new baby. So come by and we can follow each other. Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

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