Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Deal of the Day : You can have ANYTHING you want!

Today has been a quiet day. We went to the beach. This past few weeks have been quiet weeks. I like it. I have most definitely had a shift in focus lately. I'm not sure if it has to do with soon becoming a mother of a newborn again, or perhaps the change in season but things are just different. Slower. I find myself daydreaming about the future, about Gabriel and his little brother or sister and what our world will look like a little further down the track. 

I was reading an article lately that asked, "If you could have ANYTHING in your life, you just had to ask for it, what would it be?" It's such a difficult question. I think when we 'wish' for things, we aim for something that seems somewhat attainable. Within our reach. It got me thinking... The idea of wanting and wishing for something has never really sat very comfortably with me. That desire for material possessions and 'wealth'. But, on the other hand, shouldn't we all be allowed (and encouraged) to want to better ourselves and the lives of those close to us? I'm not talking about a private jets and houses around the world but if we are 'wishing', why shouldn't we wish for the big, open, light-filled house by the beach with a big back yard for our children to play and explore and a job that fulfils us and gives us that perfect balance? Why do we have to settle? We tell our children to aim for the stars, that they can do whatever and be whatever they want. We take them to the park and pretend we're on safari and there are lions and tigers lurking behind the climbing frame. Why shouldn't we allow ourselves the same level of adventure and excitement?

Take 10 minutes today and have a BIG daydream...

V xx

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