Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking OUT of the box

I'm reading a great book at the moment that my sister gave to me. The passage that I read yesterday really spoke to me and so I wanted to share.

It's all about living in the 'world of circles' versus the 'world of boxes'.

It explains that the natural world is connected, circular. The planet, its passage around the sun, the course of water over the earth, the life cycles of plants and animals, the seasons.

It then goes on to say that we now live in a false 'world of boxes'. Our houses and the rooms in it, our cars, our food is packaged in boxes, our offices buildings, our desks, our computers and TVs, even our music comes from boxes.

It's an obvious but fascinating observation. Whilst I agree that routine and order has its place with a young family, I also try to let myself 'go with the flow' a little. Allowing my mood, the weather, music, to suggest what we should be doing and when.

Gabriel and I did a little of both this morning - the weekly shopping and then played at the park. We would usually have lunch around midday but we were having so much fun being outdoors and having the park to ourselves that we stayed for another hour.

For me it's about stopping and asking myself 'why not?' Ironically, I am much more productive when I let go a little and don't stick to the routine. I find that you can miss so much of the little subtle, precious moments with a toddler when you are constantly clock-watching. While reading the paper on a rug on the deck at lunch, Gabriel came down off the trampoline and looked at the paper. There was an article about a new ballet coming to Melbourne. In the accompanying photo, there was a male dancer holding up a girl who had her arms outstretched. Gabriel's interpretation: "Look mummy. A lady swimming in the sky'. It was so beautiful and emotional. I'm sure there are ballet critics out there who could not have put it more beautifully.

As it moves into fairer weather here, I'm looking forward to more time outdoors and living a little less in the 'world of boxes'.

V xx

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  1. I loved reading your post today Mhairi. The 'world of circles', 'world of boxes' article really makes you think, very interesting! Glad you had a fun morning at the park. I'm very impressed with Gabriel's interpretation of the ballet illustration - very clever little man indeed. :-)