Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fives... Potential Asian Holiday Spots!

Happy Friday all! How has your week been?

With Gabe turning two in June of this year (cue the cliches of, "Where has the time gone!", "They grow up too fast!", etc.) we've decided that our focus is to save save save and try get away for a family holiday to Asia.

As all you mums of toddlers will well know, when they hit 2 you have to start paying airfare for the little ones so we're trying to take advantage of the discount!

I travelled a lot in Europe with my family when I was little and many of my childhood memories are of those trips. My dad worked really hard when we were little with my mum essentially running the ship solo with all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, netball matches, early morning swimming training, etc. How she did it I will never know! So holidays were a great time for us all to have quality time together.

We want Gabe to see as much of this beautiful world we live in as possible. So we're strapping on our backpacks and going on an adventure!

I came across this FAB site, My Little Nomads. It's about a father of 2 who gave up his Assistant VP job at a Fortune 500 company to be the primary caregiver for his sons. The family have travelled the globe extensively and he's posted his suggestions on where to go and what to do. They are a real inspiration and say that travelling with kids is even more amazing than without.

Here are 5 potential destinations... Would LOVE any recommendations you might have!

V xx

(Halong Bay)

(Ubud Market)

(Cherry Blossom season)

(Koh Phi Phi)



  1. That's very exciting Vari! I'll look forward to finding out where you decide to go and yes 'where has the time gone etc etc' Will is turning two at the end of April too and I can't believe it!

  2. They're turning into proper big boys now! I'm loving this stage!

  3. they're all very nice destinations vari but I personally think japan would be your best choice;-)

  4. Wow. 5 great choices. Thanks for the mention. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Have fun!