Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful music

I'm by no means an authority on classical music. In fact, I don't really know very much at all. But I don't think you have to be to know what you like. I first heard Ludovico Einaudi years ago on Classic FM in the UK - my station of choice on the drive home from work when stuck in traffic! I think his music is so beautiful and moving. I listened to him a lot whilst pregnant and love that every time I hear a track it reminds me of that time.

We also had a friend play Le Onde during our wedding dinner.

His music crops up in a lot of places such as the soundtrack for This Is England and also during this clip from the 2009 BAFTAs.

So if you are having Christmas meltdown or just fancy taking some time out to relax, I recommend a long bath, glass of wine and some Einaudi.


  1. Lovely recommendations. My prego playlist included these two ivory tinkling classics following you may love/ like:

    Yann Tierson
    Arvo Part

  2. Love your suggestions, Clare! This is the reason I'd like a piano for the house. Although, not quite sure where I'd put it!

    V xx

  3. What a beautiful piece - exactly the type of relaxing peaceful music I like having on in the background when I'm home. Will have to check out some of his music.